Elia Medical News: UPDATED: Hip Dysplasia

After waiting for three days, the phone call came this afternoon from her pediatrician. After carrying the phone around incensently for the past three days everywhere we went not wanting to miss the call, it came at the exact same moment that a spam call hit my cell. So exact, that it never rang and went straight to voicemail….and so timed that when I tried calling the doctor’s office back, it was already closed for the day. And it’s the weekend.

No mind. Elia’s pediatrician is an ex-military (Air Force) doctor, and he gets to the point in a hurry. The message was 20 seconds long, and included the only thing that we wanted to hear – thankfully, he didn’t wait to talk with us in person as that could have added several days to the wait. The diagnosis? NO dysplasia. The ultrasound came back as normal, and we are cheerfully able to cross this off of the list. Smile. Relief.


  1. Great news! Thanks for all of the updates lately – even with Elia’s medical issues, I’m so thankful that everything is turning out OK. Lots of love to you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Quadruple like on that one and then quadruple like again and then well you get the idea! Brita

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