Liam’s 2nd Birthday Gift Request

December 19 is just two days away, and as we have thought about ways to celebrate Liam’s second birthday, a thought kept coming back into our minds. We had first heard about it a while ago (likely in the Parent’s Group), and loved the idea immediately. While we are going to remember and celebrate in our own way, this would allow each of you to remember Liam and celebrate him along with us.

Since there isn’t a need for toys, books, or games; we are asking that on December 19 (or as close to it as possible) you go out and do something nice for someone else. Our restrictions on activities are almost non-existent, with the only two conditions being: 1) you expect nothing in return, and 2) it will positively effect the recipient in a way that would be appropriate for celebrating Liam (doesn’t have to be for a child, but you understand the point).

Buy someone a meal, give something you don’t need to someone who does, help someone shovel their driveway, donate money, give, give, give, and give. You’ll know what it is when you look for it.

We would be honored if you remembered Liam and celebrated him with us on Wednesday. Let us know by posting either here or on Facebook what you did – it will inspire us and make us smile through our connectivity.


  1. I must have been mind reading because I saw this post tonight after we got back from shopping and dinner at McDonald’s. There was a homeless guy there asking for 50 cents for coffee. I gave him a dollar because he didn’t look old enough for the senior coffee he was planning to ask for. I also gave him the rest of a coupon book we had bought for Lexy at Halloween with coupons for free apples, hamburger and milk. He looked at it and said “Halloween” and then “Oh, it’s still good!” with a big smile. Then his female friend came in, staring daggers at everyone and hanging onto half a roasted chicken from the Safeway as if it were gold. The guy next to us gave her a dollar for a drink. She was obviously mentally ill. I bought them each a “big mac” with a two for one coupon and told them Merry Christmas. As we left I saw her waving at me with a shy smile and a very quiet “thank you”. She was pretty then as she didn’t seem to be before. Maybe Liam was watching over them as it was only a couple of blocks from where Oren grew up and most likely ate.

  2. Garry Briese says:

    What an excellent suggestion! We will seek out someone(s) to share something special with and in so doing to remember Liam

  3. what a fantastic idea. we’re on it.

  4. Betty & Dave Abernethy says:

    Today, we are mailing a check to the Blinded Veterans’ Association in Washington, DC

  5. Betty & Dave Abernethy says:

    Today we are mailing a check to the Blinded Veterans’ Association in Washington, D. C.

  6. wanetta munce says:

    I chose the gift of time because it’s one thing my children treasure most. I came home from work and without doing anything else….I sat down and listened & shared my family’s day one-by-one and shared a special treat with them that showed “I know what you like. I know you & love you.”

  7. We made a donation to Martha and Mary Ministries. We remembered Liam and his family in our prayers and in the prayer community of my college. And I spent the evening making candies and cookies to share because what little one doesn’t just love sweets!

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