What People Did To Remember Liam

Last week we tossed out the idea and asked if you would help us remember Liam by doing an act of kindness in your part of the world….and honestly, we really didn’t quite know what sort of response to expect. I can tell you that even though we know that we are surrounded by a community of amazing people, I don’t think that either of us expected the outpouring that you gave to us, to Liam, and to others. As every single example was shared with us, we battled through tears to just finish reading the sentence. It was a stunning example of love and remembrance – and I’m not sure that we could ever thank you for that. During a day that was difficult for us, these stories were very uplifting.

There isn’t a good way to get a hard statistical breakdown on how many things were done, but I can tell you that literally from California and Washington to Massachusetts and Virginia, from Montana and Minnesota to Texas and Florida….and everywhere in between….we received stories of people doing things for others, donating time or money to amazing causes, giving of themselves to honor Liam, and introducing Liam and his story to new people.

I can assure you that every time we think about this year and about what happened – about how many people’s day/life was made a little better in memory of Liam – that our emotion will fall never short of ‘extremely loved.’

I’m always afraid of seeing or taking a good idea and it becoming overexposed and watered down, but I wonder about doing it again next year…

For now, we wanted to compile and share some of the stories that we received (we also know that the names below represent entire families). We know that many other acts occurred, and we thank all of you for your kindness.

“I just filled out the form to start the process [of volunteering at Children’s Colorado] 🙂 and since TCH has been so good to us (and to you), it just made sense! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM!!”
– Anna

“We made a donation to Martha and Mary Ministries. We remembered Liam and his family in our prayers and in the prayer community of my college. And I spent the evening making candies and cookies to share because what little one doesn’t just love sweets!”
– Anonymous

“While checking my e-mail today I decided what I could do to honor both Liam’s birthday and the children who died in the Sandy Hook shooting. The Metrodome opens it’s concourse in the winter for inline skating; tomorrow they are donating all admission fees and any additional donations to the United Way to help those affected in Newton. So in honor of Liam and all the new playmates who recently joined him I will be skating laps at the Dome tomorrow and donating a dollar per mile with the goal of 26.2 miles. Happy Birthday Liam!”

“Hey Liam! Happy birthday buddy! Two things…first, one of Emma’s pals had a fire in his house, so in your memory, we’re going to donate a gift card to him and his family so they can buy new clothes and toys. We thought you’d think that was pretty cool! Second, we miss you and think about you all the time! Love you guys.”

“Happy birthday Liam – a new baby, Andrew and his brothers and mommy are enjoying a week of dinners in honor of you.”

“A donation was made to the Red Cross in memory of Liam.”
-Tauno & Ashley

“In honor of Liam’s birthday I brought dinner to a young mom from my grad school whose husband is deployed. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to celebrate Liam in this way. We also donated a toy to Growing Home’s Christmas toy give away :)”
-Abby and Teva

“I showed this video in PRO today and challenged my students to also do a random act of kindness (we filled out “Caring Coupons”).”

“A donation was made to Friends of the Children – Portland”

“We celebrate Liam’s life. We have donated to Children’s Hospital in his memory. We are so glad you felt so cared for during such a difficult time. Happy Birthday, Liam!”
-Ryan and Britta

“I have bought breakfast for the person behind me in the drive through…and paid fines for kids that I know simply won’t be able to come up with the money and then told them that an anonymous donor took care of it for them.”

“Pete and the big boys did shovel the snow and paid it forward by doing the neighbors too secretly! Happy Birthday sweet angel baby and his wonderful family!”

“In honor of Liam we purchased a birthday gift for a teenage boy at Children’s Home Society.”

“To celebrate Liam, I shared his story with my classmates and bought them a round of darts at the Ott House. It moved them and made them happy. Liam was part of our graduation celebration, and we send you love from Robbie (Missouri), Rusty (Maryland), me, Michael (Kansas), and Andrew (Indiana).”

“In honor of Liam, [we] made a donation to DC’s Homeless Playtime Project, a program that provides healthy snacks, one-on-one attention, games, arts and reading activities, outdoor recreation and conflict resolution twice weekly to the children of Turning Point Transitional Housing Program, DC General Emergency Family Shelter and weekly at DASH, Park Road Emergency Family Shelter, Griffin House and Valley Place.”
-Tim and Family

“While attending a holiday music class this morning at Foundations Music School, we dropped off a donation with the following note: “This donation is made in honor and in memory of Liam Bersagal-Briese in commemoration of what would have been his second birthday. We chose Foundations due to the family’s love of music. We can imagine Liam clanging and banging together a variety of instruments.” Per their website, “Foundation Music School is a non-profit community school of the arts committed to providing high quality arts opportunities to all individuals regardless of age, skill, ethnicity or income. Established in March 2006, Foundation Music School currently offers a range of classes for children of all ages and abilities which nurture the love of music in a developmentally appropriate way.””

“In honor of Liam, I delivered some fudge to the nurses at Perry Street Pediatrics & plan to make some donations in his honor also. Thinking of all of you today.”

“I did get to help out the family I’m staying with by getting their boys breakfast and dressed for the day. And I’m hoping to give some kids extra love tonight while thinking of Liam much love to you all!”

“In honor of Liam’s birthday: 2 pans of bars to the Salvation Army Christmas party, secret Santa gift for a neighbor who is alone, school fees and textbooks for kids as well as support for medical and dental care for kids through ELCA Good Gifts.”
-Dave and Mary Jo

“Hannah and I will pick out some food while we are shopping tomorrow to donate.”

“In honor of Liam, I made a donation to the World Vision Orphan Fund today.”

“Showering my little corner of the world with RAOKs in your honor today.”

“I held a Toys for Tots fundraiser party on Saturday. Went and dropped off 18 toys today.”

“I gave him a dollar because he didn’t look old enough for the senior coffee he was planning to ask for. I also gave him the rest of a coupon book we had bought for Lexy at Halloween with coupons for free apples, hamburger and milk. He looked at it and said “Halloween” and then “Oh, it’s still good!” with a big smile. Then his female friend came in, staring daggers at everyone and hanging onto half a roasted chicken from the Safeway as if it were gold. The guy next to us gave her a dollar for a drink. I bought them each a “big mac” with a two for one coupon and told them Merry Christmas. As we left I saw her waving at me with a shy smile and a very quiet “thank you”. She was pretty then as she didn’t seem to be before. Maybe Liam was watching over them as it was only a couple of blocks from where Oren grew up and most likely ate.”

“Today, we are mailing a check to the Blinded Veterans’ Association in Washington, DC.”
-Dave and Betty

“I chose the gift of time because it’s one thing my children treasure most. I came home from work and without doing anything else….I sat down and listened & shared my family’s day one-by-one and shared a special treat with them that showed “I know what you like. I know you & love you.””

Guys on duty at the department sent this over for Liam..."Happy Birthday from the Frozen Four."

Guys on duty (Thomas, Cameron, Matt, and Jeff) at the department sent this over for Liam…”Happy Birthday from the Frozen Four.”

A friend from high school left this note for someone random, and introduced Liam to someone for the first time.

A friend from high school (Carin) left this note for someone random, and introduced Liam to someone for the first time.


A brother from South Metro Fire sent this photo from his class at the National Fire Academy in Maryland. It has folks from all over the country - also meeting Liam for the first time.

A brother from South Metro Fire sent this photo from his class at the National Fire Academy in Maryland. It has folks from all over the country – also meeting Liam for the first time.

Scarves made for some students in South Dakota by the Smith family.

Scarves made for some students in South Dakota by the Smith family.

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