Learning To Sit (Just Prior To Flying)

Very much like Ezra, Elia has an absolute unrelenting affinity for facing out, sitting up, and seeing what is going on in the world around. Occasionally, this disturbs her (like in a busy restaurant) but for the most part it’s her position of choice. She hates – and I mean hates – being on her belly (not even to sleep on us), so any attempt to even start the roll-over process is going to prove to be a long way away. However, she has channeled the energy normally reserved for the rolling over activities into strengthening her neck for her upright adventures. While we still place our hands in a position to support her head should she flop, the actual needs to catch her are becoming quite infrequent. She has taken ownership of the center of the couch (where if we are not careful, she will zoom in on the TV across the room), and has started to earn herself some Bumbo time. She seems to really enjoy the accomplishment of sitting by herself – for five minutes or so – before telling us that she is in need of some human contact again.




  1. toriindenver@yahoo.com says:

    How fun! She’s such a strong little lady, huh? Thanks for the pics! loveyoumeanit

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