Elia’s Baptism

How different the third baptism was: Ezra’s was done in a church. Liam’s was done in a hospital. Elia’s was done at home. And each felt just right.

Surrounded by a lot of family, and embraced by the festive holiday season, Elia was baptized in the warmth of the living room of our house. Her Papa was able to lead the event, and as he has done for all three of our children, he was able to tie Elia to faith with a beautiful family-inclusive service. Everyone in attendance had a role in the proceedings, and by doing that, it felt that Elia was somehow also differently welcomed into the family as well.

The cherry on the evening was that Elia was able to wear the baptismal gown that has seen it’s journey in the family last through four generations and a hundred years. Worn by her Great-Grandmother and just about everyone since (including both Ezra and Liam), having the gown present is a wonderful way to bring along those that couldn’t be with us. As with any good celebration, food and games followed, creating a really nice down-home remainder of the night.

And just like her two brothers before her, Elia now begins a journey in religion that has many destinations and a very unknown road to follow. She will go in the footsteps of Ezra and Liam and be part of two religions as she grows up, embracing the best that each has to offer.



  1. May you continue to experience the joy of your children. A blessing on your house!

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