Rewind: Bumper Time Ale

A few years ago during a brainstorming session about raising more money for the MDA, we bounced the idea of partnering up with the Rockyard Brewery to have a night where proceeds would be donated. Fast forward a long time to a random day when Adam and I happened to be on the ambulance together – which in an of itself is a miracle – and a bug bit us to swing by the Rockyard and engage in conversation. From arriving to the brewery without a clue as to whom to even speak with, to leaving with a promise to have firefighters design, create, brew, name, bottle, and sell a signature beer to raise money for the MDA was an absolute whirlwind.

The next few months featured some on-again, off-again work by a few of us to come up with what would ultimately be called Bumper Time Ale. Bumper Time is what we call the time that the crew at the firehouse sits down after a long day and just has a good conversation on the front bumper of the trucks. The tapping party was the culminating event, where the beer received many rave reviews. We had a wonderful time partnering up with the Rockyard and raising money for the MDA. We sold through 60 cases of beer, and finished off several hundred gallons of the beer on tap at the restaurant. There is conversation about this becoming a yearly happening, so stay tuned!




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