Rewind: A New Ladder Truck….Finally!

So this was the culmination of three years of work, tons of meetings, several trips to the factory, and more time than I would have liked away from family on my off days; but the truck has arrived and is in service. This is one of three trucks that we had delivered from KME (one quint, and two engines) and I had the privilege of sitting on the department’s apparatus team that designed the rigs. What I think that we are all most proud about are that the trucks are built almost strictly based on end-user feedback and to some of the most stringent safety standards in the industry. This truck specifically has a 109′ ladder, carries a lot of ground ladders, has 300 gallons of water, has a 450hp engine, and weighs in at over 70,000lbs. After getting a few kinks worked out upon delivery, the truck has been a blast to work off of and has made our jobs just that much easier/better.


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