A Firehouse Blanket

Finally pulled the trigger and got an awesome blanket made for the firehouse using t-shirts that largely represent the most significant pieces of my first twenty years in the fire service. Some of the shirts are old, some are new, but all of them represent something extremely important to me.

The top two rows are stair climb shirts, including several from the Denver climb, one from the first climb outside of ours (at Red Rocks…which I also wore a lot at the hospital with Liam), one from the first climb in another city (Nashville), and one from the first international connection made through the program (New Zealand).

The next row is all Castle Rock related, including a Bumper Time Ale shirt, one from the local, and one from each firehouse that I have spent the majority of my career – 151 and 155.

The next row down includes one from CRFD and three from the first bunch of years that I spent at the Burke station in Fairfax County, VA.

The last row is some misc shirts, with one from my involvement with the MDA, one from the training company that I was co-owner, and a few other shirts that are part of my path.

Thanks, Lynese, for pulling this all together and making the blanket!



  1. This is a beautiful keepsake and Memorial from past accomplishments!!

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