This Connection Continues

The night that we were admitted to the hospital with Liam, a wristband was placed on my right wrist identifying me as his Father. This physical symbol has been an important connection for me for the entire time since, and for moments – no matter how short they have been – to be without is is like missing something big. Some version of the wristband has lived on that right wrist ever since Dec 19, 2010, and recently I had to seek out it’s fourth incarnation due to the constant wear. I did a bunch of research on-line (mostly through Etsy), and found something that was similar, yet vastly different that the previous one. It arrived in the mail today, and when I opened it, to my surprise, I was perhaps more excited to see the note accompanying the band than I was the band itself. The note was a handwritten thank you from the artist who made it, and it said “I hope you love this & it makes you think of Liam.” Anytime that I hear his name – as referenced to him, not someone else also named the same – it brings a great warmth…I am so appreciative for the note, for the band, and for the connection that this maintains.


And because she made something so beautiful to accompany the band, I would like to throw a shout out to Summer at Dakota Designs Jewelry…make sure to check her stuff out. photo photo(2)


  1. Wow!! What a beautiful post, you made my day! Thank you 🙂

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