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We just added a new page to our Blog (you can find it just above the header image). It explains itself fairly well, so we won’t waist your time here….just go take a look. It’s called ‘Lessons Learned’

15 Month Appointment

Ezra finally had his 15 month appointment yesterday, a full 5 weeks late, but that’s the way that schedules work sometimes. Ahna took Ezra to the doctor’s office for the appointment and was greeted by an office full of sick children: flu season in full effect. It’s gotten so bad that they have only one exam room that they have kept for ‘well baby’ checks, and they have devoted all of the others to sick children. The appointment went really well and Ezra checked out ‘perfectly’ according to Dr. Sheehan.

Here are the vital statistics: Head: 19″ (75%), Height: 32.25″ (75%), Weight: 23lbs 1 oz (25%).

The Zoo At The Zoo

On Wednesday, Ezra and I hit the free day at the Denver Zoo. Once we arrived at the parking lot, we were greeted by what appeared to be every single family in the Denver metro area with a child under the age of 18. Parking was scarce. Super scarce. So hard to find that I settled on ‘one last drive around before leaving.’ Fortunately, we found a space and headed into the zoo.

The crowd that was in the parking lot/entrance area turned out only to be a small fraction of the number of people stuffed into the grounds. Ezra and I had to wait in a line to see anything and everything. There was lots to see and do (many arts and craft projects set up for the kids) but all of them required a wait in a line that is nearly impossible with a 16 month old. Ezra did enjoy the elephants, the giraffes, and the seals. All of the other animals fell into the following categories: too long of a line to wait for them, way too hard to see, or gone (yea, seemed like half of the animals in the zoo were not there).

I know that the pictures just described was a meek one – but that was for an adult. For Ezra, he seemed to have a great time. He absolutely fell in love with the seals and the sea lions. We are now pointing in a direction that will land us back at the zoo in a few weeks with a lot less people (hopefully).

Oh, turns out that there aren’t many photo opportunities at a day like this trip…especially with a child Ezra’s age and no other hands to watch him. So, here is what we got:




We are back in the midwest visiting with family…..but due to some shared space in the hotel room (ie: Ezra won’t sleep if the computer is up and running), we haven’t been able to update with some postings. Hopefully we can get something up pretty soon…

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