Garden of the Gods

When Kari was out here a few days ago, we ventured down to the Garden of the Gods for a short hike. Jay, Karen, and David joined us for a great morning trip and an even better lunch stop. Anyone been to Big City Burrito? It started in Ft. Collins and Ahna discovered it while working at Sky Ranch. A few years ago she introducted me to it on one glorious food stop….hmmm, potato burritos rule. Anyhow, they opened a few franchises including one conviniently located on the drive back from Colorado Springs in Monument. While these don’t share the character of the original, they share the tasty food. Highly recommended. By the way, there is supposidly one in Sioux Falls. I have to admit that even though I haven’t had any breakfast yet, I never imagined how hungry I would get just by writing a sentence or two about food. I can’t imagine working for a food-based magazine…..300 pounds, here I come. 

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