Hello World!

Okay, so in the past we attempted to create a place where family and friends can check in and see in overbearing detail what is happening in life. Well, that didn’t work out as well as we intended…but we are going to give it another try. This time the focus will be on the new addition to our family that is set to arrive in just a few weeks (May 30), but there will be plenty of other stories as well. 

The intent will be to post stories, pictures, perhaps videos (if we get that far), thoughts, and ideas that cross our lives. We will start simply and move from there, so bear with us. Keep us on our toes and hopefully you will find this a fun place to stay in touch. Feel free to post comments and share what you all are thinking. 

Talk with you soon!


  1. Savta Nomi says:

    This blog is a great idea!
    I am very impressed with your pictures.
    I wish you an easy birth and a healthy Baby~
    Looking forward to seeing you three here, in the meantime all the best, lots of love. Savta

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