Ezra – 106 Months!

Ezra’s 8th Birthday Party

The party part of the party was held at a bowling alley this year…our first year doing a pay-for-someone-else-to-clean event…and it was pretty easy. But, not quite as easy as advertised. Still to do were the party favors, the cake, the organization, etc. Just the activities and the bulk of the cleaning was left to someone else – which we didn’t really complain too much about. It was nice to just walk away…

That evening, we had his family dinner/party at the house; so we still managed to have to figure out food, cleaning, etc even though we paid to not have to do any of that earlier in the day. Bad planning, I suppose.

Oh, the cake. Ahna continued her streak (started when Ezra turned three) of making a super awesome cake at home in the theme of the party.

Ezra Birthday 2016-1

Ezra – 94 Months!

Ezra - 94 Months!

Easter Egg Painting

A bit of snow outside, a Nana and Papa inside, and some hard-boiled eggs the Friday before Easter.

Ezra & Elia Go Tubing

Ezra: 90 Months!

Ezra - 90 Months!

A Trip To The Pumpkin Patch

What has become a fall break tradition, we again headed north to Anderson Farms for a morning at the pumpkin patch. It’s fun to use that trip as another time marker to think “wow, it’s so different this year than it was last year”…for example, this year, Ezra chose to run off into the 9 mile corn maze all by himself (thank goodness for the overlooks). We were able to be joined by Nana and Papa and were also greeted that day by unseasonably warm (yet not totally unwelcome) weather.


Ezra – 86 Months!

Ezra - 86 Months!

A First First

Second meet = first first place.

Nice job, Ezra!

Photo Jun 07, 22 19 23

Ezra’s 7th Birthday Party – pt 2

Not actually sure how many parts to this year’s birthday there will be. Part 2 is the actual day-of celebrations, which included donuts for breakfast, a lunch out, a special movie experience with Nana and Papa, and a dinner and desert out of his choosing…culminating with the highly anticipated opening of presents. I get the feeling there will be one more celebration as a slew of family arrives over the next two days – all looking to share in the excitement!

(must say, that I love this first picture)

Ezra 7th Birthday Family-2


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