Ezra – 120 Months!

Best of 2017 Playlist

I have to admit something…I’m not totally in love with this year’s best-of. It’s not that I don’t like the songs (they wouldn’t have made the consideration cut if that were true), but this year’s version of the list didn’t auto-populate as in the past – I had to dig around, drop some, add some, convince myself of some. Of course, there are a few that stood out as obvious choices and at the end, I am satisfied enough to call it complete and to move on. Ezra and Elia’s taste in music is still something that I am proud of, and their selections for this year’s list remind me a lot of a good animated movie (made for kids, adults will enjoy – a lot sometimes).

Like always, there are three rules that go into qualifying for the list: Rule #0 (because it applies every year): fit on a traditional CD and come to my library in the calendar year (even though the songs may be older than that). Rule #1: Don’t suck. Rule #2 (and most important): Be interesting.

1 – The Album Leaf – The Outer Banks

2 – Camila Cabello – Havana

3 – Marian Hill – Down

4 – Run The Jewels – Talk To Me (explicit)

5 – Judah & The Lion – All I Want Is You

6 – Wildermiss – Keep It Simple

7 – K.Flay – You Felt Right

8 – Kamasi Washington – Truth

9 – Maggie Siff – Lullaby For A Soldier

10 – St. Vincent – New York

11 – Pandas & People – Find You

12 – Dirty Projectors – Cool Your Heart

13 – Rag’n’Bone Man – As You Are (Shy FX Remix)

14 – Japandroids – No Known Drink Or Drug

15 – Weezer – Feels Like Summer

16 – Keller Williams – Mama Tooted

17 – Secret Agent 23 Skidoo – Imaginary Friend


  • Elia’s Song Choice: Mama Tooted (it’s great)
  • Ezra’s Song Choice: Imaginary Friend (also great, the lyrics are pretty stellar)
  • My Favorite: 
  • The One Despite All Efforts I Couldn’t Keep Off: Havana
  • Biggest Surprise: Talk To Me (not my normal bag, but I really enjoyed this entire album)
  • Really Crank This One…No, Louder Than That: New York
  • Band Not Making The List For The First Time In A Few Years: Doesn’t apply this year
  • Bands Continuing Their Run: Judah and the Lion, Pandas and People
  • Dammit If They Didn’t Show Up Again: See above
  • Last Song Dropped From The Playlist: Intro by M83
  • Concert We Went To Featuring Three Of The Bands: Broncos Tailgate at Mile High w/ Judah and the Lion, Pandas and People, and Wildermiss

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Ezra – 106 Months!

Ezra’s 8th Birthday Party

The party part of the party was held at a bowling alley this year…our first year doing a pay-for-someone-else-to-clean event…and it was pretty easy. But, not quite as easy as advertised. Still to do were the party favors, the cake, the organization, etc. Just the activities and the bulk of the cleaning was left to someone else – which we didn’t really complain too much about. It was nice to just walk away…

That evening, we had his family dinner/party at the house; so we still managed to have to figure out food, cleaning, etc even though we paid to not have to do any of that earlier in the day. Bad planning, I suppose.

Oh, the cake. Ahna continued her streak (started when Ezra turned three) of making a super awesome cake at home in the theme of the party.

Ezra Birthday 2016-1

Ezra – 94 Months!

Ezra - 94 Months!

Easter Egg Painting

A bit of snow outside, a Nana and Papa inside, and some hard-boiled eggs the Friday before Easter.

Ezra & Elia Go Tubing

Ezra: 90 Months!

Ezra - 90 Months!

A Trip To The Pumpkin Patch

What has become a fall break tradition, we again headed north to Anderson Farms for a morning at the pumpkin patch. It’s fun to use that trip as another time marker to think “wow, it’s so different this year than it was last year”…for example, this year, Ezra chose to run off into the 9 mile corn maze all by himself (thank goodness for the overlooks). We were able to be joined by Nana and Papa and were also greeted that day by unseasonably warm (yet not totally unwelcome) weather.


Ezra – 86 Months!

Ezra - 86 Months!

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