The Best of 2013 Playlist

So I finally completed the Best of 2013 playlist. When I sat back and listened to the playlist for the first time, I realized that music taste this year spilled into the area of dubstep with some rock and a sprinkle of instrumental. There were a couple of obvious choices, and I decided to include the kids’ favorite songs from the year. Ezra picked his, but if you are wondering how I could know the selection of a 14 month old…well, you just haven’t seen her smile and dance moves when a particular song comes on.

Like always, there are three rules that go into qualifying for the list: Rule #0 (because it applies every year): fit on a traditional CD and come to my library in the calendar year (even though the songs may be older than that). Rule #1 (becoming widely applied to all aspects of life): Don’t suck. Rule #2 (and most important): Be interesting. I thought that last year featured a narrowed eligibility list, but this year was even tighter with only 159 songs meeting the criteria for consideration.

No more delay, just music:

1. Breathe by Laura Marling

2. Don’t Leave Me by Regina Spektor

3. Here Comes The King by Snoop Lion

4. Come With Me Now by Kongos

5. Original Don by Major Lazer

6. My Body by Young The Giant

7. Up Past The Nursery by Suuns

8. I Want You To by Weezer

9. Four Simple Words by Frank Turner

10. Good On by Two Fisted Tango

11. Came Back Haunted by Nine Inch Nails

12. Chocolate by The 1975s

13. On My Way by Pandas & People

14. Fare The Well by Oscar Isaac and Marcus Mumford

15. Dry Sequence by OK Ikumi

16. This City by Steve Earle

17. Closer by Tegan and Sara

Elia’s Favorite:

18. Some Nights by Fun.

Ezra’s Favorite:

19. Levitate by Hadouken!

My Favorite: Fare The Well
The One Despite All Efforts I Couldn’t Keep Off: Either of the kid’s tracks
Biggest Surprise: Here Comes The King
Really Crank This One…No, Louder Than That: Strange answer…but Dry Sequence
Band Not Making The List For The First Time In A Few Years: Mumford and Sons, sort of.
Bands Continuing Their Run: Fun.
Dammit If They Didn’t Show Up Again: Mumford and Sons, sort of.
This Year’s Local Act: Two Fisted Tango
Last Song Dropped From The Playlist: I can’t remember anymore.

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  1. Garry Briese says:

    There are some really interesting songs, different, comfortable and challenging — thanks for sharing

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