The Best of 2014 Playlist

Presenting the Best of 2014 soundtrack…it’s perhaps a hair mellower than a couple of the previous years, and has two under-the-surface themes that run the length of the playlist: FIFA and Swedish women. Yea, weird right? There is a growing amount of songs included that are directly a result of the kids, but if these are what they are listening to, then I am holding up my end of an educated childhood for them. Special recognition for being a huge new contributor to my music wonder is a new podcast called Song Exploder…make sure to check it out.

Like always, there are three rules that go into qualifying for the list: Rule #0 (because it applies every year): fit on a traditional CD and come to my library in the calendar year (even though the songs may be older than that). Rule #1 (becoming widely applied to all aspects of life): Don’t suck. Rule #2 (and most important): Be interesting. We made a bit of ground this year by having the largest selection list in a few years at about 200 songs that made it through the 12 months, but then I looked at it again and realized that was significantly boosted by the inclusion and relatively recent addition of the Frozen soundtrack. Meh.

1 – Let Go by RAC

2 – Arrows by Fences

3 – Stay Gold by First Aid Kit

4 – Worship You by Vampire Weekend

5 – Mother & Father by Broods

6 – I Won’t Be Long by Pan Astral

7 – Rhea by OK Ikumi

8 – Fairytale by Milky Chance

9 – Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot

10 – Divisionary by Ages and Ages

11 – Business by Tune-Yards

12 – We Sink by CHVRCHES

13 – I Know It’s You by Guards

14 – Here by Robert DeLong

15 – Brain by Banks

16 – No Rest For the Wicked by Lykke Li

17 – Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon

18 – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by The Postal Service

19 – Howling Moon by Pandas & People

My Favorite: Stay Gold
The One Despite All Efforts I Couldn’t Keep Off: Shut Up and Dance
Biggest Surprise: Sundown (WTF, right? It’s almost 40 years old!)
Really Crank This One…No, Louder Than That: Let Go
Band Not Making The List For The First Time In A Few Years: Actually not applicable this year
Bands Continuing Their Run: OK Ikumi
Dammit If They Didn’t Show Up Again: Pan Astral
Last Song Dropped From The Playlist: Let Her Go, Passenger

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