Flight of the Doctor’s Office

Thursday afternoon marked another doctor’s office visit. It seems as though as we approach the due date and are on the weekly visits, they somehow become less important. Or at least, less involved with less new information. Thursday’s lasted a whopping 5 minutes, with a measurement (38″), listening to the heartbeat (145), and feeling the baby’s position (head down, face down). We have opted to not have any exams or checking dilation at this point – especially since there aren’t any contractions to speak of. 

After the doctor’s visit, we headed up to Denver to meet up with some friends for dinner and a show. Dinner was a little celebration of Jennifer’s birthday, a little celebration of Ahna completing her work for the Master’s Degree, a little celebration of Thursday evening together, and a lot of celebration of the show to come. Yup, we got tickets and saw the Flight of the Conchords. Oh boy, are they hilarious! Tickets for the show sold out in something like 3 hours and were being hawked on-line for well over $200 (face value was $35). It did lead to a late evening, but it was a wonderful time.

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