It’s Hard To Find A Good Time To Practice

So Ahna relayed an amusing story from this morning’s commute: While trying to get onto the interstate, she stopped at the light to let traffic by before crossing the road. You know, like your supposed to do. It was a sort of sudden stop, and she looked into the rear view mirror to make sure that the vehicle behind her noticed that she had lit up the brake lights. Low and behold, the guy was a little late in noticing – there was no collision – as he stopped just shy of her bumper. Wanna know why he wasn’t paying attention? Cell phone? Reading? Writing? Shaving? Sleeping? Nope….he was playing the trumpet. Seriously. (The picture isn’t of the guy from this morning. I was surprised how easy it was to find a picture of someone playing the trumpet while driving, so I had to include it).

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