The Labour Party

Okay, it’s not rhythmic or happening all of the time, but when Ahna described what she has been feeling the last two days, our doctor used the “labor” word for the first time. She has been experiencing more and more contractions and stretching feelings as each of the last few days have come and gone; but nothing substantial as of yet.

The doctor’s visit yesterday was pretty quick but did have a moment or two worth sharing. First was the heartbeat, which has become one of the the highlights of our week. It is the coolest thing to hear and in conjunction with the baby’s movement, it’s all pretty real. Secondly was the measurement, which this week came in the number of 44 (or so). For those of you who haven’t had this experience yet, that number generally falls pretty close to the week of your pregnancy (39 cm = 39 weeks). There is a tolerance where the doctors don’t even have a second thought, but this was a little out of the norm. Dr. Cassel isn’t worried, but at our next appointment on Friday we will have an ultrasound just to check the size of the baby. We also will get wrapped in the fetal monitor for a little while to watch the movement and heartrate. Our next appointment is on our due date (if we go that far), and then we will be at the office twice a week until the baby comes.  

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