Crib Building And Naked Coffee

First things first….we went this evening to a sketch/imrov comedy show up in Denver that stars two friends of ours – Mary and Eric. The show was a lot of fun and they did a great job with the skits (even the old people stuff). If you are in Denver any of the next two weekends, I highly recommed going to one of the shows on either Friday or Saturday nights. It’s at the John Hand Theatre in the Lowry area of Denver. Oh yea, it’s called Naked Coffee 2

Secondly, we got our crib today! Still no dresser, they say that will be a couple more weeks. Ahna and I put it together this afternoon and got some sheets on there for some photos. Till the dresser comes in, the crib will be acting as a clothing storage area. It looks great and we are really pleased with the selection. The room is getting close!

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