Pictures From This Afternoon

This afternoon was fun filled with all sorts of visitors and events – just none of them included sleeping for Ahna or I. Ezra did great all day, he’s very social. As far as the goods go, he has been pooping all day and recently started peeing – with a flair for the dramatic, he started off his peeing career by doing it all over both me and him during a diaper change. Good fun. He is currently feeding with Ahna and has seemed to take to that pretty well. Thank you to all of you for your support and love.


  1. IT’S A BOY!!! Adorable to boot. LOVE the pic of Oren changing the diaper…

  2. HOORAY!!! HOW BEAUTIFUL HE IS!!! Everyone in the office thinks he is cute, too. Thanks for posting pictures so quickly. Hope Ezra had a god photo shoot this morning. tori

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