It’s Been One Week Since You Looked At Me…

….that got me thinking. To all of us, one week doesn’t seem to have gone by. It seems like a century ago that we experienced the entire birthing process, but just yesterday that we celebrated Ezra coming to us. So here is a different way to look at the week that has been:


7 – Days

3:13 – AM arrival time of Ezra

9.1 – Pounds and ounces at birth

21.5 – Inches long at birth

303 – Room number at Parker Hospital

5040 – Minutes in the hospital (or so)

6480 – Minutes spent at home (or so)

6909 – Miles traveled thus far by family (or so)

30 – Hours it took Dave and Mary Jo to get from WI to CO (via plane)

2 – Great-grandparents still in town

4 – Grandparents still in town

4 – Aunts and Uncles that came into town

3 – Cousins that came into town

50 – Percentile for head circumference at 5 days

75 – Percentile for height at 5 days

90 – Percentile for weight at 5 days

70 – Times Ezra has been breastfed (using avg of 10 per day)

21 – Times any of the rest of us have eaten

84 – Diaper changes

4 – Longest stretch, in hours, of sleep

3 – Times we have gone through 2 or more outfits during a diaper change

2 – Times Ezra has peed on himself

1 – Times when being tired has gotten the better of our communications

0 – Times we wished that any of this would change


Hey folks, what do you have to add to this list?


  1. Wow – how many loads of laundry have you done in the last week? Sounds like a lot of diapers and a lot of cute clothes…so that’s why babies need so many clothes even though they grow out of them so fast. More pictures, please! loveyoumeanit…tori

  2. you forgot the priceless part..zuke

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