The Nights Keep Getting Shorter

Ezra did really well the first night or two at home, but the last two nights have been a little more difficult. See, after he feeds he turns into an ‘awake’ machine…taking in everything that he can see and hear. Most of the time it’s really cool, but at 3 in the morning it’s not so cool for us. He also has taken to wanting to eat seemingly more frequently at night, therefore keeping Ahna up more than I. Last night Ahna and I headed out to dinner while the grandparents – all of them – babysited (is that how you spell babysited?) Ezra. We have enjoyed more visits by friends and Ezra seems to be changing every day. Today I think he will be changing mostly diapers. Check the picture of Ezra’s modern redux of Dumb Donald from the Cosby Kids. 

Oh yea, lots of you are wondering how the cat is taking to having Ezra around. Simply stated: awesome. When we change him downstairs and he cries, Shadow comes over to check in on him. When he is fussy and we are pacing the upstairs hallway, she comes and walks at our feet. When he sits in his papasan or in his car seat, she comes over and hangs out with him. It’s been really cool to see the ‘motherly’ instinct that she possesses. 


  1. The nights will get longer! Ian will feed at times and then be WIDE AWAKE almost as if to say “So what are we going to do now? You want to play?!” That hat Ezra is wearing must be standard issue at hospitals because Ian has the SAME ONE! 🙂

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