I Love My Dad

Ahna writes: Today is my first attempt at writing a posting on this blog. I will not promise the fine tune writing skills of my husband, but I will try to share my thoughts as best I can about this first Father’s Day in our house.

Our family is fortunate to be surrounded by fathers today. Oren’s Grandfather is here, as is his Dad, and my Dad. We are constantly amazed at the generosity, wisdom, and love that they share with those around them. We don’t have grandiose plans to celebrate, but are going to share conversation and dinner with each other this evening. 

This is Oren’s first Father’s Day. The last week and a half he has proved himself to be an excellent Dad; this is no surprise to any of us. Ezra is one lucky kid. I will save the rest for his card…

What else is there to say other than: Thank You, We Love You. 


  1. Great thoughts, Ahna! You’re an excellent writer, too. Happy celebrating with all those wonderful fathers. It was sure a treat to see Garry and his dad last weekend. I am sure your dad is beaming, too. loveandpeace, tori

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