What The Heck Is He Looking At?

On a fairly uneventful day yesterday, I got to thinking about what Ezra seems to be staring at…especially since he likes two things in particular (other than light itself). 1) ceiling fans 2) blinds that let a little light through. We had been told that he can only basically see what is 6-10 inches in front of him and everything else is blurry, so I was curious as to what he actually saw. I found this article which helped explain it more:

“Yet many books about infant development still say that babies can only focus 7 to 10 inches from their face. While infants are able to focus at any distance, at first they do not have very good control of their ciliary muscles. This means that during the first 2 months of life they may not focus accurately. Sometimes they focus too close (in front of the object), sometimes too far (behind the object).”

Interesting. Still makes me wonder if he can tell the difference between a ceiling fan and a spider (not that he even knows what each of those are), and if we are sitting in front of a fan (from his perspective) if he can tell that my head and the fan are two different objects. It does help make sense of the fact that during his first day home, he was tracking me while in the swing (from about 3 feet away). 

Anyhow, we did go for a really long walk yesterday – at least in comparison to the previous couple of days. It was the traditional ‘Switchgrass’ route that we have enjoyed, but it was the first time in several months due to it’s proximity to restrooms and it’s proximity to flat land. Ahna did an amazing job of pushing through the entire way just 11 days after the c-section. She is quite the inspiration!

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