Two Week Check-Up

This afternoon we headed back to the doctor’s office (is it me, or does it seem like the only other place that we have been for the last 6 months are doctors offices?) for Ezra’s two week check-up. For those whose calculators are working right, today is in fact day 13. Don’t worry, it’s close enough. The visit went well, it was a normal check of weight, height, head circumference; but there was also the heal prick blood tests required by the state. I don’t know if every state has these, but there are two of them: one at birth, and one at two weeks. They need to get a sample of blood for five different tests, and it’s a decent amount of it. As expected, he wasn’t thrilled by the sample-getting, but he eventually settled back down. He still hasn’t lost his umbilical cord, but the doctor thinks that should happen very soon. The doctor also gave the ‘all clear’ on the healing of his circumcision. Numbers today: Weight: 9 pounds, 2 ounces. Height: 22 inches. Head: 14.75 inches.

Thanks to the Smith’s for the flowers!


  1. I like the new bar across the top…I’ll do my best, Ezra. This world will need your help, too.

    Glad to see he’s gaining weight. Hope the nursing in the middle of the night isn’t too rough. I love you and miss seeing you. tori

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