Our First Trip To The Mall

We decided to take yesterday morning and introduce our son to the wonderful world of consumerism. Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but we did go to the mall. I had given Ahna a gift card to a sporting goods store for her birthday so that she could get some new running shoes. After a morning nursing, we headed out for a nice long and hot walk, then trekked up to Park Meadows to try to find Ahna some new kicks. We estimated that we would be pushing the sleeping/feeding limits, so we brought a bottle of pumped milk to tide Ezra over until we got home. All of our predictions came true (including feeding him in the middle of Ahna trying on shoes), but we failed to think that the bottle wouldn’t fill him up. So, we headed out to the car and Ahna nursed him as we sat listening to music. It was our first ‘on the road’ experience with nursing, and I think both of us where comfortably surprised with the results. 

In the afternoon, we had a quick nap (see Ahna’s picture below), then had some family over for a visit. Last evening found us enjoying a wonderful meal with Jay and Karen. They brought over dinner and made it for us in the kitchen – a great recipe for bean burrito and homemade guacamole….oh, and a beer or three. 

The sleep issues continue: last evening, he only slept for one hour between 3pm and 10pm. He just seems to fight going to sleep and will use any stimulation (people holding him, lights, but not bothered by noise) to avoid closing his eyes. It did work to our benefit as he slept better during the night than in the past couple.

A follow-up on the Fuzzi Bunz: things went pretty well yesterday. We did have one diaper that almost leaked (it was very loose when we changed him), but that was due to us not fastening it correctly. Then at two this morning, we did have another diaper that actually leaked…not yet sure why that happened. The laundry is in process, and voila! the poop is gone. 


  1. New running shoes — I thought you said running should only be done when being chased by police. 🙂

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