The Friday Afternoon Post

It doesn’t sound as good as The Saturday Evening Post, especially after I wrote it…perhaps I will save that title for a future date. Yesterday evening we ventured out for an errand or two after dinner – a first for us (outside of ice cream) – and it went really well. According to Ezra, there isn’t any difference between trips in the morning or in the evening, but it was nice to know that we had the energy/motivation to get out.

Sleeping last night was arguably the best that we have had in a while, he fell asleep at 1030pm, fed at 1am, then basically slept until 630 this morning. We went to Kohl’s for a little shopping for ourselves, a nice respite from shopping for stuff that the cat would be too big for. And then this afternoon we had Tara, a postpartum doula, come to the house for some lactation and breastfeeding tips. It was very helpful, and assured us that we are mostly doing things correctly. 

Here are some ‘too cute not to post’ pictures from a bath yesterday, and from a little Mom-n-Me naptime just after lunch. 


  1. hooray for catching up! Betty’s grandson arrived this week and is staying in the computer room. Yep – still at Betty’s, but my bed arrived yesterday, so the next person I can talk into visiting might get to make it for me, so I can start sleeping over at my new place.

    Congrats on the sleep and the running shoes and the blankets and new pictures and leche cada hora. I forget – any plans for the fourth? I miss you and I love you (name that movie, oren) -tori

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