Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Communication

Stephen Covey, or no Stephen Covey…we have figured out the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Communication. Six of them will stay completely secret to the world, but we are going to reveal the most effective of them all: talk through the new baby instead of actually talking directly to your spouse.

We have found that we started something new all together: telling each other things without talking to each other. Confused? Here’s what I am talking about: “Mom, you should put the diaper bag over there.” or “Dad should turn off the lights so I can sleep.” You get the drift. It allows you to say things to each other in a way that you would never say things to each other. “Dad should do this,” or “Mom should do that,” or “Mom please help me with…”

Oddly enough we have recognized this pattern developing pretty quickly once we got home, but have been unsuccessful in completely breaking the habit. It’s all kind of funny, but it hasn’t been a problem to this point. Just wait for the first time it isn’t a positive statement. 

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