Fireworks Show

The Town of Castle Rock sponsored it’s first ever fireworks show last night (there have been fireworks here for years, but they have either been sponsored by a neighborhood or the county) at a park in town. Jay, Karen, David, Cyrilla, Tanner, The Kirgans, Big David, and a few other friends returned to our now annual tradition of gathering for the 4th and staked out a place at Rhyolite Park. Food and drinks (non-alcoholic since they didn’t allow it) were plenty and so was the fun.

I have to admit that I was extremely skeptical about going to this and didn’t know what to expect, but the town pulled it off in high fashion. They had food vendors (although not enough), a few local artists selling their craft, a fire department display, a police department display, water rides, air-filled rides (bouncy stuff), a DJ, live music, and of course: the park itself…all free. Tanner and I jousted in one of the bouncy structures; and he knocked me off the pedestal once.

I don’t know that the official estimate on the number of people is going to be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was around 10,000. We got out there just after 5pm, and left when the fireworks show ended at 1015pm. The evening was rather perfect, except for the exit strategy (seems to be a problem with government these days)…and lead to a 1 hour drive home – for 5 miles. The ending of the fireworks show was dissapointing, which we later found out (from the news, not from anyone there) was cut short due to grass fires starting from the falling embers. Here’s the pictures:


  1. cool pictures and cute baby – but sakes alive, where did you get the shade tent? Is it yours, and if not, where would someone get one like that…beautiful! “/

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