Survey Says…

Last evening Abby, Teva, and Micah came down and brought us a delicious soup and pie for dinner. We also watched a movie – The Savages – which was really good, but too depressing to write a review about today. This morning Tori came down and planted some vegetables with Ahna in our front yard – something new to keep you posted on. We got some cucumbers, tomatoes, and a few herbs. 

I learned a new term the other day and was reminded of it today: volunteer plants. I guess that it means any plant that grows new without being planted intentionally. Does that make the forrest completely volunteer? Anyway being a union guy, I am not sure how I feel about having volunteers play such prevalent roles in our front yard. I am a little concerned about how the paid-for plant and the volunteers will get along, so let’s just hope for some unity. The last thing that I need is to end up on the front page of the newspaper explaining why all of the volunteers didn’t make it. Back to the term, why do they call it ‘volunteer’? Shouldn’t it just be called ‘normal growth’?

Now to the survey. We need your help in determining if Ezra’s belly button is an innie or an outie. I gave it a couple of weeks to see if it would settle itself one way or the other, but alas it has not. I can’t decide, so write in the comments and let’s take a vote. Winner takes all (of what, I don’t know). Here’s some pictures to help in the decision process. 


  1. I think it will be an innie when his beer belly settles in thirty some years. For now he has both…which it seems if you have an outie at all, it is the dominant feature and becomes the default.

    And if I find the “volunteers” die, I am coming after you, Union Boy! tori

  2. Looks like an innie. 🙂

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