The Dredge Of Society

Perhaps not the most welcoming of titles, but we experienced someone yesterday that deserves to be labeled. We made a quick trip up to Park Meadows (which we should have expected to find this type of person there) for two stops. When we arrived at the mall, we noticed a SUV just in front of us parking in the Disabled spot in the row that we ended up parking in. We unloaded from the car (a mere 50 feet from the SUV) and started walking to the mall. As the lady exited her vehicle, we both gave her a long stare of discontent….so effective that she had a moment of guilt, got back in the SUV and started to move to a regular parking spot. She backed out of the row and we continued to walk….until we were just far enough away….she pulled back into the Disabled spot and parked for her trip to the mall. Wow.

Perhaps I have a particular sensitivity to those spots after driving around with Jeff for over a year, but I still can’t imagine being so spoiled, stuck-up, lazy, and lame as to decide to park there, then realize that you were wrong, then override that moral and pull back in. I know it isn’t nice, but I hope she got several flat tires on the drive home. Then hit her garage door when she tried to pull in, only to realize that she was trying to pull into the wrong million dollar house. Turns out that her house was the one down the street that was hit by lightning. Okay, maybe that’s excessive (or not), but you get the point. For those newer drivers out there, or those beginning to drive in the next couple of years….be respectful…or expect the wrath of a normally passive minded parent of a Little Hippie.


  1. Brilliantly put – your wrath is much worse than I imagined! Thanks for the amusement. You should know I don’t even always use my handicap pass. No – I am not feeling guilty about using it or being defensive…

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