Hooray For Airplanes!

After a long, long trip, my cousin Gil arrived yesterday afternoon! His trip from Israel started 5 hours late due to the incoming plane being delayed from weather in London. The delay resulted in him missing his connection in NYC by 15 minutes and having to wait for the later flight. Still amazed that his arrival was impacted by events in London, Tel Aviv, NYC, and Denver. Gotta love airplane travel. He is here in the states for some training, but was able to come a few days early to accomplish two things: visit us, buy a Jeep. See, in Israel, cars cost about twice what they cost here…so it would be cheaper to buy a car here then ship it to Israel. By the way, he lives in the desert, thus the need for a Jeep. 

When he got into town, we met up with him (and my parents) at Outback – a vegetarian paradise. Actually, Ahna did find that the grilled veggies and side of rice was quite good; and I had a tilapia over asparagus – which was also very good. We enjoyed a great conversation over dinner, then he stopped into our house for a quick tour before heading down to my parent’s place for the night. They are out shopping for the Jeep today and we will meet up a little later on. For those wondering, he is going to drive the Jeep to NYC over the weekend, before the training. True, there are plenty of places on the East Coast where he could have found the car, but couldn’t have found us. We are so happy that he came to visit.

I have interspersed some pictures from our last trip to Israel, about 2.5 years ago, with some pictures from last night. 


  1. Sandy McIntyre says:

    What lovely pictures from Israel.

    Your grandma looks so young!!!!

    Please give my love to Gil and all the family there. Had my stitches out.
    Hoping to get to the post office soon to get these gifts sent out.
    Ezra, you are so lucky to have wonderful wonderful cousins to go and play with in Israel.
    Love you Baby.
    Roni and Gary, your so lucky to have the most handsome grand son in the world.
    Love you all.
    The boys said to say hello and Congrats!!!!

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