Ezra’s First Fire

Following a good dinner at Mt. Fuji, we all headed to the fire station for a visit. It was primarily to show Gil where I work, but it also was Ezra’s first trip to the firehouse. My shift (B) was working, so it was good to see the guys. Right after we finished touring the station and were hanging out talking, a call came in for a reported residential structure fire with possible occupants still inside. The guys took off in the truck, and we went inside to listen to the radio to see if it turned out to be anything (and to look up the address). The first engine marked on scene with smoke and fire showing…so we packed the car and headed down there. Now, I am not one that normally chases fires when I am not at work, so this was something of a new experience for me as well….but I’m not normally at the firehouse when a call like this comes in.

We drove to the scene – about 6 miles – and by the time that we got there, the engine had forced the front door and put out the fire, the truck had laddered the roof and broken windows, and another engine had completed a search of the house (turns out nobody was home). The guys did a great job and nobody was hurt. It was fun to see everyone in action, and it was fun to have Ezra there to see it all. The countdown to returning to work continues: 8 days. 

Compared to that fun, the rest of the day (grocery store, rec center to work out, his eye getting better) was pretty mundane. 


  1. What does chasing fires do to your reputation, Oren? So I know this is a blog about you, I mean your little hippie, but how is his momma doing? Enough about you! “/ teasing…

    So how’s the tear duct? Cleared up or no?

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