To The Top Of The World

Or at least the front range, or at least Mt. Evans. Ahna, Ezra, Gil and I left yesterday morning and made our way to Idaho Springs for some lunch and escapism (from the house). We had a delicious Colorado-style pizza a Beau Jo’s….wondering what Colorado-style pizza is? You’ll just have to come out here to find out. 

After the yummy pizza, we went up and up and up and up – all of the way to 14,200 feet and the top of Mt. Evans. On the drive up, we stopped and hiked around an alpine lake and saw some mountain goats. We also ran into (almost literally) a marmot. Somehow the nursings timed themselves so that Ezra needed one while at 14K feet…which went very well. He did great on the climb and at the altitude, and showed no signs of difficulty until the drive down after he fell asleep. Because of his sleepiness, his ears didn’t equalize immediately, so he awoke, took a pacifier, swallowed a couple of times, equalized, and was back to sleep. 

We made our way back to Castle Rock and then down to my parent’s house for dinner. The food was a special request by Gil for my Mom’s lasagna, and it was probably the first time in a while that I was able to have it. Good as always. The end of dinner also marked the end of our time with Gil, since he had to leave so early this morning (has to be on the East Coast by Sunday at 5pm, oh and he is driving). It was wonderful to have him out here, and we enjoyed every second that we got to spend together. Can’t wait to see him again (the rest of the family, too :-)) 


  1. Gorgeous picture of the four of you! The sky is amazing! You all look radiant. loveyoumeanit

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