Da Plane! Da Plane!

Yes, Tattoo was the word of the day yesterday. I headed into Th’ink Tank Tattoo to see Patrick and to get some more shading done on my leg. Unfortunately, 1.5 hours of continuous pain (it’s on the shin) wasn’t enough to complete all of the shading still needed, so the branches of the tree are still bare. While I was having a blast on the table, Ahna and Ezra headed out for a bit and got some really great outfits for each of them. Last evening included a movie (see next post) and everyone falling asleep on the couch. Oh yea, Gil took off yesterday morning at 6 to start the drive back to the East Coast. He was supposed to check in with Mom last night, but I haven’t spoken with her yet…so I don’t know where he made it to. He was aiming for Columbia, MO, so hopefully everything went fine.


  1. Having a baby doesn’t mean you can’t have a life…what is with the movies you two watch? (please read that with my sarcasm and smile on my face) It sounds interesting…sadly I haven’t seen a movie since I left Betty’s place. She wants me to bring over High Fidelity tonight. We’ll see…

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