Movie Review: The Squid And The Whale

Wow. A very intense movie. A very odd movie. It’s short and a little directionless at times, but somehow it works. Our impression of the film (which is produced by Wes Anderson – a favorite of ours) was that it was simply somebody’s take on being a child in the middle of a moderately nasty divorce. I think that they chose to have the two parents in the academia field to assist in interesting character depth and dialogue, but also to highlight what happens when only the parents look out for themselves. At times, it’s a tough movie to watch partially because of the portrayed realism, and partially because of the vulgarity (where they spared little expense). The film ends as abruptly as it begins, yet it does follow the journey of the children as they figure out their place in the new world of divorced parents. I found the conclusion to be satisfying, Ahna found it to be strange. Just like the rest of the movie.

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