An Evening Out (Sort Of)

The day yesterday seemed to be one of those that disappears before your eyes. We think that Ezra is having a little growth spurt: or at least that is how we are deciphering the increased frequency in feedings. Therefore, most of the day seemed to be catching up on things between feedings. It was also my parent’s 35th wedding anniversary, so they headed up to Boulder to spend a nice night out with each other. Their absence from home resulted in an empty space (that isn’t our house) with a great view and a nice TV set….so we headed down there and hijacked the house for the evening. We brought some soup and ice cream, a movie (see below) and our walking shoes. It was very pleasant and a nice treat to be able to break away – even if mostly symbolically – for a little while from the norm. 


  1. Sounds like a perfect night! I love reading your blog…it is so entertaining! Have a great week!

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