Last Trip To The Dr.’s Office

Kind of. Sort of. For now. The afternoon marked the last scheduled trip to Dr. Cassell’s office, which oddly enough was a little sad. We have had a great experience with Dr. Cassell and in some ways it is a little strange to think of not having to go there anymore. We have estimated the number of visits to the office during the last 14 months to be in the neighborhood of 25; so I suppose that we will have to fill those vacancies with something else on the calendar. The visit went well, and Ahna was cleared to return to “all normal activities with no restrictions.” Even though she has been doing a lot of things for the last couple of weeks, I think that the official word from the doctor is satisfying news. 

In the evening we headed out for Ezra’s second baseball game – only this time with a few less people around. Tanner’s team was playing at a park here in town and we went down to cheer him on. They have started coach-pitch (still not keeping score) and he hit the ball both times he was up to bat. Jay, Karen, and David (who was sporting a new Notre Dame jersey) joined the cheering section as well. Afterwards, we decided on a impromptu trip to the ice cream parlor located next door to Station 1. We all met there, enjoyed sitting outside and talking about the “old days” when Jay, Matt, Geoff, Jeff, Todd, Patrick, and I were assigned to that firehouse. It was good to remember those times and to share some of those with Tanner.


  1. Crystal says:

    The pics of Tanner are so good!! I would give anything to be there and watch him play. The one of him running to the side reminds me of the one we have of Jeff playing football. You guys are such awesome friends to Cyrilla and Tanner.

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