It’s Too Darn Hot

It’s hot. Really hot. Yesterday’s temperature reached into the low 100’s. Today, it returned to the dubious platform of triple digits. During the cooler hours of yesterday morning, the three of us walked from our house down to the farmer’s market (a couple of miles round trip) and picked up just a couple of things. Once home and somewhat settled in after lunch – and expecting a nap – we realized that the party that we had going on that night at 7pm, actually started at 4pm…and we needed to bring something to share. Oops. Luckily we had some red potatoes sitting around the house (from the farmer’s market the previous week) and a computer to look up recipes. We found some recipes for potato salad, combined a few of those recipes (for ingredients sake) and managed to make a fair amount of edible potato salad. 

The party that all of this hubbub was for, was Hafner’s birthday/graduation. She crossed the big river that is the 30th birthday; as well as finished her schooling for the nursing degree. It was a wonderful celebration with lots of her family in town and lots of friends enjoying a BBQ. And it was hot – 103 on the temperature when we got there at 5:30pm. Did I mention that it was hot? One more thing: it’s hot. We are on the 90 countdown to the start of ski season. When it’s not so hot.


  1. Dave, Gina, & Zachary says:

    But how is the weather?

    Please pass on my congratulations to Sarah on her birthday and graduation! That is great news.

    Have you bought Ezra skis yet?

  2. Sarah Arnoldy says:

    Woohoo! ski season . . . just wanted to say hi to everyone and congrats! I have been enjoying your blog very much. Love you guys.
    PS. Wish Jay and Karen congrats for me too? Thanks.

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