Tomorrow I’m Workin’, What Would I Do…

And yesterday, thus no posting…I am still trying to figure out how to post while I am at work (and even if I can), so we’ll see. I left yesterday morning at 0545 and returned this morning just before 7. It was actually a lot easier to get back into the swing of things at the station, but it certainly helped that we had a call 20 minutes into the shift – nothing like jumping back in with both feet. It was something of a busy day yesterday: cleaning, maintenance, and training mixed in with a few calls. Ahna and I spoke on the phone a few times throughout the day and then she and Ezra stopped by after dinner last night. At times it is difficult to have a job that takes me away for 24 hours at a shot, but it’s nice that I have a job (that is close to where we live) where Ahna and Ezra can come and stop by when we have some down time.

I found myself getting lost in the work yesterday, even at times ‘forgetting’ that there was this child now at home. However, it was really joyous when I would speak with Ahna on the phone and hear Ezra in the background…and a little difficult knowing that I would not be able to see him as much as I would like. I finally went to bed around midnight with the anticipation of a possible full-night’s rest…only to find myself waking up every hour or two wondering why I wasn’t hearing little grunting noises. We didn’t get any calls during the night, but I didn’t sleep soundly either; however, I definitely had more room in my bed. 🙂

Ahna and Ezra had a pretty good day as well. They made it on their own just fine, although she tells me that she missed having me around (between you and me, I’m sure that there were moments that she was happy to have me gone). They went to lunch with Jay, Karen, and David and headed around town for a few errands (including stopping by the firehouse). Many folks called and checked in to see if she needed anything – which is extremely appreciated. It seems as though her night went similarly to mine (as far as the consistency of the sleep) but of course included being up to nurse Ezra. If they didn’t get enough practice yesterday, there is always tomorrow. 

If you all remember the first time that Ezra came by the firehouse (when we visited with Gil), Ezra brought along some good luck in the form of a fire (it’s good for firefighters). Yesterday he brought us good luck in the form of a magnificent double rainbow just in front of the station. Since he is two-for-two with station visits, he will be welcome whenever he wants to come. (ed. note: one of the pictures is pieced together – not well – from two photos)

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