Special Wisconsin Edition

Yesterday was a fairly relaxed day. Strike that, it was a very relaxed day. We spent the morning doing a few errands around West Salem and Onalaska, and returned home to pass the car off to Mary Jo. She headed out to meet Kari, Matthew, and Nora about half way between the yet un-named ocean Cedar Rapids, Iowa and West Salem (they had been spending the last week or so with Matthew’s Mom). Ahna and I held down the fort and made ourselves some lunch and went out for a walk. As I mentioned yesterday, the temperature here is really comfortable….the only problem is that someone forgot to tell the humidity to meet that comfort level as well. Everyone around here is excited about how low the humidity is, but for someone from Colorado who is particularly sensitive to the heat, it’s still at a level worth complaining about. 

After the walk, and once everyone arrived, we enjoyed spending the afternoon and evening together. It seems as though Ahna has become more relaxed, or at least her evening sleep pattern suggested that. The night went pretty good with Ezra putting in a solid 6 hour stretch. Enjoy Nora, Kari, and Ezra:

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