Just The Two Of Us

It seems as though Ezra and I have spent lots of time together, but as it turns out, we had never spent more than two hours (or so) alone…until yesterday. I arrived home from working the day before, and Ahna was heading to school to participate in the start of the year meetings with parents and kids. She left around 7:30 and thus began the father-son time….which lasted until about 12:45.

It didn’t feel strange, odd, hard, or scary – like I said, it seemed like we had done this before. What it did feel like, was a lot of work. I wasn’t able to get nearly half of the stuff I imagined getting done because I was spending time with him. Some of that time was demanded by Ezra, most of it was demanded by me. I have mentioned it before, but it was yet another reminder of my ever-growing respect for single parents. 

After meeting up with Ahna at school and heading out to lunch, we returned home for the better part of the remainder of the day until dinner time. We made it two-for-two in meals out, as we found a restaurant that served mashed potatoes. You see, yesterday was my brother’s birthday (Ezra’s middle name’s namesake) and it is my tradition to celebrate that day by buying him a beer while I drink one “with him.” I settled on a place to do that by deciding that I wanted to partake in what is widely considered my brother’s favorite food – mashed potatoes. It was a nice dinner and Ezra was super smily throughout the meal. Once we got home, we took the opportunity to tell Ezra about where he got his middle name from. 

Here are some pictures from the other night with Mary, as well as from yesterday (including Ezra’s best take at lounging on the couch). Enjoy!

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