105th Post

Yea, the number 105 doesn’t hold much excitement on it’s own, but I forgot to mention that we went over the 100 mark a few days ago….therefore, the number 105 holds a special place as the 5th post after the forgotten 100th. It’s sort of anticlimactic when announced this way.

Last night we went up to Denver for a mostly impromptu gathering of family dinner friends at Sarah and Claire’s new place. They had just moved in a couple of days ago, so all of the unpacking was completed and we enjoyed the fully furnished apartment just beginning and we had to bring our own chairs for dinner and drinks. Gabe and Charlotte were there and we really enjoyed finally introducing Ezra to them. It has been a long while since the entire gaggle has gotten together (like several months) (also, I just wanted to use the word ‘gaggle’ this morning), which made the evening all that more fun. We ordered some pizza and heard all sorts of fun stories – including ways to scam people out of a free road bike. 

Here’s some pictures of the friendly, the funny, the ‘I don’t smile at pictures anymore,’ and the gaggle all assembled on the stairs. 

PS: we have the envelopes, stamps, labels, and announcements all in hand. All that we need now is the time to put it together. Don’t worry, we’ll get them out this week.

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