Holy Crap! A List Of 4 Amazing Things From Yesterday

Holy Crap! The Dresser Arrived!: 6 months (or 26 weeks, or 170 days) after placing the order for the crib and dresser, the final of the two pieces arrived into Denver. We got the phone call from the store from where we ordered the set (Big Kids and Baby World 2) and immediately attempted to figure out how to get up there and pick it up. Turns out that we were able to get it yesterday afternoon and put it in Ezra’s room last evening. When I called them two weeks ago, they had no idea what has happening with the dresser, and I am sure that without our prodding, we would still be waiting for it. All of that said, it looks pretty sharp. There are pictures posted below, but give us a week or so to completely set up his room (since the crib has been acting as a dresser, and a card table has been serving as a changing station) before we post pictures of the whole room. 

Holy Crap! Dinner Was Awesome!: Our good friends Geoff and Mary brought us dinner last night and hung out for a little while (they are on vacation and for some reason didn’t want to spend a night of it with us). We have long been inspired by the job that Geoff and Mary have done in raising their two boys (one of them is a Deadhead), but last night we were reminded of their incredible ability to make delicious food. Before becoming a firefighter, Geoff and Mary owned a sub and pizza restaurant here in town. I have had the joy of eating some of their subs before, but never a pizza until last night. They made us a salad, desert, and two pizzas – one was a pesto, artichoke heart, onion, black olive, roasted red pepper pizza, and the other was very similar but red sauce-based. Both were amazing….as I am writing this the stomach is telling me that I might have to go and heat one up for breakfast. 

Holy Crap! The US Swim Team Rules!: After not even being sure if an unnamed family member – Matthew – even reads the blog (since we rarely get any comments from him), he sent along an e-mail yesterday in surprise that there was no mention of the 4×100 relay results from the other night. [ed. note: for those that don’t know, Oren swam competitively for 15+ years and therefore has a big interest in international swimming] Okay, fair enough. I have to admit that when I was writing the posting I completely forgot about the Olympics for just a couple of minutes. Also in full disclosure, personally I was more impressed with Phelps’ WR setting swim in the 400IM on the second day of competition – as I watched that race, I actually got chills from seeing what I consider to be the greatest swimmer of all time swim the perfect race. All of that said, the relay was one of the funnest and most dramatic races ever…the comeback by Jason Lesak was one for the ages; and it showed the best parts of being in a relay race: having fun and finding your desire to win. The haul that the US team took last night was even more impressive, and it was great to see them exert their continued dominance of the sport. Wow, Ezra has to start getting in the pool if he has any hopes of making the squad for the 2028 games.

Holy Crap! NBC Is Lying To Us!: Enough with the claims that the games are being seen live. They aren’t…at least they aren’t for those of us not lucky stuck enough to live on the east coast. Even though some of us with internet connections figured it out on the first night of ‘live’ competition, it has taken the media a couple of days to realize it. Regardless, stop treating us like children who have to wait until after dinner to watch TV, and show the events live….it only requires that they start the broadcast one hour earlier here, or two hours earlier on the left coast. The organizing committee for the ’08 games decided to completely rearrange the schedule of the medal events to coincide with live coverage possibilities for the US, and we aren’t even getting it live! Argh! (PS: those of us on slightly archaic Apple computers can’t even stream it from the NBC web site live). Come on, NBC! These athletes didn’t train for their entire lives to be on a tape delay!

Here are the pictures of the dresser that were promised earlier.


  1. Holy crap! Sometimes I forget what a nerd you are! Thanks for all the important news. Glad to see the dresser finally arrived. I will look forward to the room shaping up! tori

  2. Holy crap! you can get Ezra’s room together….makes it that much more fun since you had to wait so long!??? I agree with tori…you are such a nerd, but we love it!

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