Ponce De Leon Would Be Proud

As the ebb and flow of days go, yesterday was the yang to Wednesday’s ying – it was a lot more sublime and relaxed. Mostly. Ezra, Ahna, and I met with Pastor Kevin from our church in the morning to start the conversation with him about raising Ezra in the religious way that we are hoping for. As we expected, he was extremely receptive and very open…even commenting about what a wonderful opportunity this was for the congregation as a whole. Apparently there is another couple that are also members at St. Paul’s that are in a similar direction as us; and we hope to meet up with them sometime in the near future. 

Following the meeting, we took Mary Jo and Ezra to Watercourse Foods for their first meals at the all-vegetarian restaurant. It’s always refreshing to go there and enjoy such a large selection of foods that are friendly to the non-meat eaters – it must be tough to always be limited to a choice of pasta, salad, or garden burgers when going to most eating establishments. 

For the first time in over a decade, the city of Denver has turned back on the fountains in City Park. While we are a little confused as to the message it sends (a lot of water use during a drought, which is why they turned them off in the first place) by a city deciding that the DNC is more important that the water use; we did take the opportunity to drive down there after lunch and snap a few pictures. Unfortunately, the fountain that is in the center of the lake at the park was already having some maintenance done to it, so we only got to see one of the fountains in action. 

On the drive into town, we saw a brilliant new billboard by Denver Water…something they are calling a ‘floating billboard.’ I found a picture on-line to show it to you since we didn’t stop to get a shot of it…but we found it a little duplicitous to be promoting this message on one end of town, and to be wasting water in a fountain on the other end of town. 

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