What The…? A Second Post Today?! A Trip To The Pepsi Center


We had the opportunity today to visit the Pepsi Center during the Community Open House Event. I happened to be watching the news a few weeks ago when they announced that the first 5,000 people to get tickets for today’s event would be allowed to get a special sneak peak at the transformation that the venue has undergone. Luckily, I got on-line, grabbed the tickets and made it in before they sold out – just hours after becoming available (sold out is a relative term, since the tickets were free). 

Originally I had gotten the three tickets for Ahna, Ezra, and I…but after realizing that Ezra probably didn’t need a ticket, Mary Jo was able to come along. We got down there during our alloted time period and got into the line that had formed outside of the Pepsi Center. I have to hand it to them, the event was very well managed and there was virtually no line of any significance…especially since there were 2,500 people trying to get in at the same time (two time slots available). Once inside, we snaked our way around the concourse level – with a ‘tour guide’ (ie: someone who leads a group of people down a defined walkway, doesn’t say anything at all, then tells us when it is time to go) – and eventually into the arena area. If the pictures don’t suggest it, it was very impressive and really cool to see. 

We decided that we would try to go to some of these type events just to have some involvement and understanding of the convention. Forget for a moment that we are supporting Obama, it’s really exciting to have a history-making event in our town. For that it is important enough to expose ourselves and Ezra to as much as time and money will afford. 

In one of the pictures, you will see the CNN Grill…they rented out a restaurant (Brooklyn’s) for an entire month and renamed it and re-plastered it with their propaganda. Oh, and you’ll notice some of the more reputable news sources on TV today (read: we didn’t waist camera space on Fox News) 🙂

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