Pool Play

We wrapped up a busy day, yesterday, with a nice dinner at my parent’s house with Don and Sonja. The evening was full of stories and fun, as well as a bunch of lightning that at times seemed to be within feet of the house.

Before dinner, we took Ezra to the pool for the first time. The original goal was to go to the indoor pool at the recreation center…but as luck would have it, it was closed for it’s annual maintenance and cleaning. So we headed to an outdoor public neighborhood pool. It served the function of having a temperate wading pool, but the sun made it a little more difficult to handle Ezra (since we were trying the entire time to keep him out of the sun). 

The first time that he got into the pool he was comfortable and did great – for about 45 seconds. Then he started to get a little anxious (not sure if it is from the wet clothes, the sun, the water, the wet diaper, or the water itself) so we took him out and took off his shirt. He continued the discontent through the second attempt, which left us with no other option but to pack it up for the day. By the way, he fell asleep in the car ride home. 

We are already looking forward to another trip to the pool – this time indoors and with a little more planning around his awake time.

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