Tornado In Castle Rock, 5:30pm

It seems as though a tornado sets down in Castle Rock about every four years or so (at least the frequency of the last few have indicated this is a trend). The last time that we saw one here was the day after our wedding – four years ago. Well, time was up today. Ahna and I were watching some TV (with Ezra sleeping in my arms) when my Dad called….”there is a tornado in Castle Rock, just north of you.” What the? Sure enough, we flip channels and see a live feed from a news helicopter, then I ran outside (your supposed to do that during a tornado watch, right?) and saw the huge funnel cloud just about two miles north of us. The touchdown appeared to be just a few hundred yards from the firehouse that I work at, so I am really interested to see what the guys have to say in the morning. About 15 minutes after that tornado dissipated, another on set down just west of us by about a mile. At this time, it appears that there was little damage and no injuries in either tornado. Crazy. 

Here are some pictures (taken in Castle Rock) from the news and from people who sent in photos to the news sites.


  1. Yikes! Glad to hear everything is okay. I don’t think I’ve actually seen a real live tornado and realized that was what it was. Stay safe. and stay inside for goodness sake. 🙂

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