You Wanna Get Something Called A Bumbo?

Ahna had seen one of these the other day while at a friends house, and remembered that she had heard about them before…they are seats that allow babies to sit upright on their own, as long as they can have good head control. We swung by the store and grabbed one for Ezra…and he seems to like it – he sits in it great and loves to stare at the world by himself. 

Speaking of staring: within the last week or so, Ezra has found that a world exists below his head…he has been fascinated with everything ‘down,’ especially colorful shirts or patterns. He also is continuing his obsession with stuffing his hands into his mouth and seems to be starting the trend of exploring new objects with his tongue. 

Here’s a couple of pictures of him in his new chair.


  1. How cute! He is growing up so fast!

  2. Andrew Wessman says:

    The bumbo rocks! It works pretty well when you start feeding him too. Just be careful when they start to rock themselves, especially when they’re on the counter…

  3. Hey! I wanted one for Ian but then there was the recall because of the what Andrew said above, they can rock themselves in it and there have been a few injuries from it from kids falling. My cousin had an incident with one and her child fell and on the way down he hit the open dishwasher door. Anyway just be careful with them. We did end up borrowing one from Kev’s brother during our trip and he absolutely LOVED it. He could reach toys and his feet and he sat in it for awhile. He’s outgrown it now so that’s a bummer!

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