Fall Colors In Colorado

The three of us trekked up to the mountains yesterday to introduce Ezra to the fall season here in Colorado. Every year the Aspen trees change their colors from green to yellow to orange before falling off for the winter. The peak time to see these leaves lasts only about a week at any given place (and that week changes from the northern parts of the state to the southern). 

We drove to one of our favorite places to catch the changes: Kenosha Pass. It’s located right off of 285 about 1.5 hours from our house….and it never fails to impress. I have been to Kenosha almost every year since I moved out here, and Ahna and I have been 4 or 5 times together…but we have never been there exactly at the peak of the change – like yesterday. It was stunning. 

We arrived in the parking lot and fed Ezra before heading off to our secret location. One of the early visits to Kenosha reviled a trail that takes us to an amazing view, but it’s an unofficial trail that isn’t marked at all…so needless to say (but I will anyway), it was us and only us once we hit the trail. We enjoyed the scene and the hike for a couple of hours before heading back home – there was much to do in the evening.

Okay, not much ‘to do’, more like: a show to watch on TV. Yup, The Office started up again last night after a long time away; and we missed it. The hour long premier didn’t disappoint and was one of the funniest episodes that we can remember. It’s good to have it back.

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